Avid Mobile Attendance Solution!

Avid attendance app as a personnel tracking software is capable without the need of an expensive attendance device; And to record and track the attendance of all personnel online only by using mobile phone GPS. This possibility can be used to control the attendance of marketers and company visitors; and also be used to monitor all organizational missions.

  • As soon as a person enters and leaves the organization, his entry and exit are recorded with extreme accuracy
  • With this software, there is no need for personnel to go to the time and attendance machine to register attendance
  • Tracking of personnel during the mission and monitoring of personnel and details of recorded attendance separately (tracking software)
  • Searching for the workplace and the possibility of displaying the workplace of the group
  • Show the latest position of personnel and satellite map
  • Showing the route traveled by the personnel and monitoring the staff present in the mission of recording attendance with GPS and Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Display the current situation with presence and absence with mobile
  • Supervision of field personnel outside the organization such as visitors, on-site service personnel, security, patrol and guarding, inspection, transport fleet, etc. (tracker software)
  • Attendance registration in places with harsh environmental conditions such as mines, oil rigs, telecommunication antennas, areas without network access
  • Organizations with multiple branches (multi-branch organizations can define several different locations without any restrictions)
  • Registering the entry and exit of personnel in designated areas
  • Sending Live Location (every minute, every 50 meters)

  • Attendance registration without internet access (offline)
  • Registration of various requests, such as Avid’s forgotten attendance, registration of the proposed workplace, Unauthorized attendance registration at the workplace
  • Using the registered attendance in the Avid location attendance application to calculate the performance of personnel
  • Approving and rejecting Avid requests in web and mobile combined cartable
  • The possibility of using Avid output in the attendance and mission system
  • The possibility of viewing the momentary report of the presence of personnel In the attendance software application
  • Creation of various reports and attendance and absence list with Kasra reporting engine
  • There is no need to spend money to buy attendance devices
  • Defining workplaces on the map and managing workplace groups
  • Management of personnel access to the workplace with Avid location application
  • Integrated with the best Kasra attendance software
  • Report of personnel visits (time sheet), report of mobile violations
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